Iconic palm tree will be removed from Paseo de la Reforma in CDMX


It was reported that this Sunday the emblematic palm tree will be removed, which has been adorning the palm roundabout on Paseo de la Reforma avenue for more than 100 years, this is because it has a fungus commented the head of the Government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, as well as that it will be on Sunday night when it will be withdrawn, after a symbolic event to commemorate its historical importance.

It will be transferred to the Neza Nursery

The palm will undergo treatment at the Neza Nursery and will later be placed somewhere, explained Sheinbaum. The Palm Tree Retreat will take place because some pathogen not yet identified caused its death like that of other palms in other areas of Mexico City.

Sheinbaum announced that a survey will be carried out through the Plaza Pública platform and on social networks so that citizens can help the capital authorities decide which tree will replace the palm tree in the roundabout.

The mayor mentioned that the types of trees that could replace the palm tree were consulted with experts and among these is a ceiba, jacaranda, or an Ahuehuete, among others. Likewise, he stressed that a small specimen would not be planted nor would a seed be sown, but rather a large tree would be planted.

Source: OEM

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