Mexico supreme court suffers blow to its credibility after ruling on electricity law: former minister Genaro Góngora


Góngora also pointed out ‘a group’ of ministers and ministers hurt the country’s highest court.

The Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) suffered a ‘blow’ to its credibility after the vote in favor of the constitutionality of the Electricity Industry Law (LIE) announced by the court last Thursday, April 7, commented the former president of the Supreme Court, Genaro Góngora Pimentel.

He explained that the court had an opportunity to demonstrate the strength of Mexico’s institutions; however, “a group” of ministers and ministers harmed the country’s highest court.

“With deep concern, we have seen how the Law of the Electricity Industry was voted and clearly, we can appreciate, the incidence of the Executive Power in the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation,” wrote former Minister Góngora in a letter addressed to Minister Arturo Zaldívar. 

However, Góngora mentioned that now, individuals and companies, local and foreign, will lead the defense of the interests of all Mexicans in their human right to affordable and sustainable electricity and free competition.

In addition, he said that they will closely monitor the behavior of judges, magistrates, and the court itself to see that the law is complied with in each and every one of the protections that must be requested.

“We insist that the Court’s duty to guarantee low-cost electricity supply and healthy competition that drives the growth of our country and the generation of jobs is clear,” he concluded.

Political trial against ministers

The SCJN suffered attacks on its independence and legitimacy by being boycotted by a group of ministers who do not serve the interests of Mexicans, for which the Mexican Business Council (Mexican CE) will request a political trial against ministers Arturo Zaldívar, Loretta Ortiz, Yasmín Esquivel, and Alfredo Gutiérrez.

In a letter signed by the president of the council, Juan Carlos Pérez Góngora, it was detailed that, with the Court’s decision, work teams will now have to be formed between individuals and companies to give a ‘legal fight’ through the amparos presented against the LIE.

We will seek an exemplary punishment for those we call ‘Traitors to the Homeland’ who work for the Executive Power and not for Mexico,” the document indicates.


Mexico Daily Post