(April 20 – May 7)

Spring has arrived and with it the time to start organizing ourselves for the 2022 CANNABIS SEASON, an important time of the year since the cannabis presence is visible all over the world thanks to 4/20 (April 20), a celebration already recognized in the entire planet, and the World Marijuana Liberation Day March (May 7: Global Marijuana March or Liberation Day).

The Mexican Cannabis Movement (MCM) calls on activists from all over the country to make a peaceful public presence to make our demands clear and also show that, with or without law, cannabis culture is here to stay in our country.

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Therefore, to those who are interested in actively participating in the vindication of cannabis, we suggest carrying out or participating in at least two specific activities:

1) 4/20 (April 20): concentrations in squares of their localities.

These concentrations, apart from celebrations, would have the intention of promoting meetings between activists from different states, municipalities and even neighborhoods in order to organize what is necessary to carry out:

2) The XXII World Marijuana Liberation Day March (May 7).

This is an activity that has been carried out since 2001 in Mexico City, since then more than 20 towns throughout the country have joined to celebrate it at the same time as hundreds of cities around the world.

In the middle of these two dates is the Cannabis Season, in which different activities are invited to organize with a view to the march (workshops on rights, banners, cannabis costumes, mobilizations before official bodies, cleaning and conditioning of green areas or the theme that each organization prefers).

The MCM offers advice to present the corresponding notices (these are not permits because demonstrating politically is a right for which authorization is not required), as well as sharing and adapting the 2022 poster to each city, as long as the activities comply with the following terms:

a) Be informative. It will offer information on consumption, on rights and also on risk and harm reduction.

b) Be peaceful. At no time will public or private property be attacked, nor will the public or the authorities be offended or insulted. Likewise, it will seek to affect third parties as little as possible, which includes seeking not to obstruct the traffic of vehicles or people.

c) 90 (no sale). These are activities to inform society and demand rights, not to seek privileges or protect economic interests.

d) No consumption by minors.

e) No consumption of other substances. Avoid the consumption of alcohol and other substances.
Points c, d, and e must be specified on the poster. Welcome creativity and festive proposals.

Although the long-term goal of the MCM is FREE AND UNIVERSAL ACCESS TO CANNABIS, by 2022 we demand a law that guarantees and protects our RIGHT TO PERSONAL NON-PROFIT GROWING, as well as SAFE SPACES FOR RESPONSIBLE CONSUMPTION.

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If you want to carry out these activities in your community, you can send us an email to [email protected], or register at the following link:
Subscription form to the #Mexican Cannabis Movement 👉

For more information write to [email protected]or directly to our social networks:

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