Are those the colors of the Russian Federation in downtown CDMX?


On the night of Sunday, February 27, several buildings in downtown Mexico City were illuminated with the colors of the Dominican Republic flag: blue, white, and red as part of the celebration of the Independence of that Caribbean country.

However, users of social networks confused that three-colored lighting with the colors of the Russian flag, since they are the same and like many other flags of other countries that bear white, blue and red.

There were several reactions from users on different social networks.

On Twitter, user Ricardo Rojo published four images of buildings that surround the Plaza de la Constitución, in which he points out “This is the Zócalo in CDMX today, Sunday, February 27, 2022, at 7 pm. The colors of the Russian flag are illuminating the Mexico City government buildings”.

Three hours later, another user, named Gandalf, posted another image of the Plaza de la Constitución with the following question “Someone has a coherent explanation as to why the buildings in CDMX are illuminated with the colors of the Russian Federation?”

Several other users confused the colors of the Dominican Republic flag with that of Russia, and there were many messages questioning the fact that the Mexico City government, headed by Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum, showed its support for the Russian Federation, in the midst of the invasion of Ukraine.

Even after the misunderstanding was cleared, more comments came up about the subject on social media.

Source: El Informador

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