Mexico is among the countries that use face masks the most worldwide


Mexico is one of the countries that uses face masks the most, since nine out of 10 people use them frequently, according to a global survey conducted by the University of Maryland and Carnegie Mellon University.

According to The Global Covid-19 Trends and Impact Survey, Mexico is positioned as the third country with the highest use of this mask for the prevention of COVID-19 in the entire American continent.

According to the results, taken up by the newspaper El País, 87% of Mexicans use face masks on a regular basis; this figure is only surpassed by Puerto Rico with 94.7% and Chile with 91 percent.

Mexico beats the US and the UK

With these figures, Mexico is above other nations such as the United States with 64.5%, the United Kingdom with 53%, Germany with 77%, or France with 80.9 percent.

The only European country that surpasses Mexico in the use of the face mask is Italy with 89.3%, where it is mandatory to board public transport or go to concerts.

Worldwide, Asian countries are the ones with the highest percentage regarding the use of face masks, TaiwanHong Kong, and Japan register rates greater than 95 percent. 

The study specifies that these percentages must consider the public policies of each nation since some countries such as Denmark have already declared the COVID-19 pandemic over, which has caused only one in six Danes to use this type of health protection. .

SCJN endorses that states legislate on the mandatory use of face masks

A few days ago, the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SJCN) endorsed that state governments are empowered to issue regulations and impose the mandatory use of face masks during health emergencies, such as the one currently facing COVID-19.

The majority of the Plenary approved the reforms that the Congress of Nuevo León approved to the Health Law of that entity that establishes the mandatory use of face masks.

Eight of the 11 ministers considered that the matter of general health is concurrent, that is, that both the Federation and the state governments have the authority to legislate on the subject, provided that the latter do not contradict the first.

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