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When you think of Mexico City, it’s hard not to picture the endless array of luxury shopping and markets, taco stands, and vibrant cafes that line the city streets. Food is a way of life in the Mexican capital, and failing to stop for some street corn or tlacoyos on your visit is a major faux pas.

But with so many options enticing travelers with mouthwatering sights and smells, how does one decide where to stop, and more importantly, what to order? Well, Anais Martínez of Mexico City food tour experience Devoured! has a few suggestions.

In her episode of Walk With T+L, Anais guides viewers on the ultimate culinary extravaganza through the city’s food scene. Check out her tips for wanderlusters craving authentic bites below and when you’re done, book your trip to take a food tour of your own, while exploring the rich culture, history, and architecture Mexico City has to offer.

Anais Martinez holding plates of Mexican street food on her episode of Walk With T+L
Anais Martinez holding plates of Mexican street food on her episode of Walk With T+L

Travel + Leisure: If visitors are only staying in Mexico City for a short period, what is the one thing you suggest they do?

Anais: I would say venture to a market and roam the aisles. Eat a taco or two, and definitely a tlacoyo. This is what locals would eat on a regular day.

Would you recommend travelers do everything you did in this episode in one day, or should they spread it out over their visit to Mexico City?

Anais: It’s better to split everything into two days. That way, you get to enjoy everything fully. Maybe [visit] the street tacos and markets one day and proper restaurants the next day.

If you had to choose a favorite dish from the tour, what would it be?

Anais: Chocolate is always my favorite, both drinks and [chocolate] bars. But the Nicuatole, the dessert at the last stop, blew my mind.

Are there any places in Mexico City you love, but didn’t get a chance to visit in your episode? If so, what are they?

Anais: So many! There are at least four different taco street stands I would have visited. [I’d love to have gotten] a Mixiote, [which is] sheep meat seasoned with guajillo, cinnamon, avocado leaves, and spices, steamed inside a parchment paper sachet, at a taco stand in Juarez.

What advice would you give to travelers visiting Mexico City for the first time?

Anais: Join a food tour as soon as you land! That way, you can learn about the culture and ask your guide as many questions as possible about the food scene, restaurants, and what’s happening in town.

Source: T+L

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