The first recreational marijuana expo arrives in Mexico in 2 weeks, find out where


The Cannabis Expo will be held for the first time in Mexico on June 24 and 25 at Expo Santa Fe, in CDMX

This month The Cannabis Expo Mexico will be held for the first time in the country   .

The venue will be the Expo Santa Fe, in Mexico City or on June 24 and 25, and the event will be presented by JuicyFields

In Mexico, the market value of recreational cannabis is expected to reach 655 million dollars by 2028, of which 412.5 million dollars correspond to the primary market (agriculture and provision of natural resources), while in the secondary market (transformation of these resources) in the country will represent 242.3 million dollars for that year. 

It is estimated that in the country the market value of medicinal cannabis will reach more than 1,300 million dollars by 2028, of which about 63% will correspond to the agricultural market and the supply of natural resources, according to data shared by Statista.

According to the organizers, the convention and exhibition is one of the largest that has been held in Latin America and it will discuss issues related to cannabis, and will participate personalities and leaders of the global industry, as well as representatives of local governments.

While in Mexico the issue of cannabis legalization is waiting to be analyzed, in the first edition of The Cannabis Expo Mexico, during the two days of activities, topics on Legality and legislation, Licensing and compliance with medicinal Cannabis will be addressed: latest Research and Trends, Processing and Extraction

Agriculture: Challenges and Triumphs, Cannabis Business and Finance, Government, Private Sector and Industry Collaboration, Regional Focus Points, The Future of Cannabis, Latest Technology and Techniques, Quality, Testing, and Certification.

Mexico is one of the largest cannabis producers in the world with enormous potential to supply a large percentage of world demand ; in this sense, the increasingly widespread use of medicinal cannabis is a sector of great interest for the business ”, expressed Silas Howarth, director of The Cannabis Expo.

The Cannabis Expo is the largest cannabis event on the African continent, and now it comes to Mexico to become the meeting point to discuss the cannabis business and take advantage of the opportunities that this market offers in various areas.

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