Expat in CDMX? How much will it cost to go to Puebla or Veracruz this weekend


Here we give you the costs to prevent expenses this weekend from Friday, March 12 to Monday, March 15

On the occasion of the birth of Benito Juárez, which is commemorated on March 21, this holiday will be run to next Monday, so from March 12 to 15, we will have the long weekend.

Considering the pertinent measures to avoid COVID-19 infections, on this long weekend that is the second of the year, you can visit Puebla or something warmer such as Veracruz. That is why here we inform you about some costs that should be borne in mind if you plan to travel to either of the two destinations that offer a wide variety of activities and beautiful landscapes.

How much does it cost to go to Puebla?

If you are going from Mexico City, consider that you can do a time of two and a half to three hours, depending on the route and the vehicle load. Therefore, you should plan to keep the vehicle’s tank full of gasoline, which is priced above 20 pesos in Magna or Premium whose price is close to 22 pesos on average.

To head towards Puebla, you can take the Circuito Exterior Mexiquense / México 57D and later join the Autopista México – Puebla / México 150D. Another option, which is a little longer, for a minimal difference, is to arrive directly by the Mexico – Puebla / Mexico 150D highway and then take the San Martin Texmelucan – Tlaxcala / Mexico highway 117D.

Consider that the costs of the booths are as follows, whether you go by motorcycle or car.

  • Mexico-Puebla section (Motorcycle 92 pesos and car 184 pesos)
  • Mexico-San Martín Texmelucan section (Moto 70 pesos and car 140 pesos)
  • Mexico-Chalco section (Moto 11 pesos and car 22 pesos)
  • San Martín Texmelucan-Puebla section (Motorcycle 22 pesos and car 44 pesos)
  • Section Mexico-Circuit Ext. Mexiquense (Moto 11 pesos and car 23 pesos)

If you consider going by bus, the cost of this ranges from 103 to 187 pesos. The runs and reservations can be consulted on any of the pages of the bus terminals.

How much does it cost to go to Veracruz?

To get to Veracruz you must drive along the Mexico-Puebla highway and cross the San Martín Texmelucan booths, which cost 140 pesos by car and 70 pesos by motorcycle.

After passing that section you must cross through the Esperanza booth on the Acatzingo-Ciudad Mendoza highway, which costs 145 pesos by car and 72 pesos by motorcycle, and through the Fortín booth on the Ciudad Mendoza-Córdoba highway, you must cover a fee of 34 pesos for cars and 17 pesos for motorcycles.

To get to Veracruz you must take the Córdoba-Veracruz highway, this has the following booths, and it will depend on the destination you choose to visit the entity.

  • Cordova-Veracruz section (Moto 114 pesos and car 229 pesos)
  • Cordova-La Tinaja section (Motorcycle 59 pesos and car 118 pesos)
  • Cordova- Cuitláhuac section (Moto 21 pesos and car 42 pesos)
  • La Tinaja-Veracruz section (Moto 55 pesos and car 111 pesos)
  • La Tinaja-Paso del Toro section (Moto 45 pesos and car 90 pesos
  • Paso del Toro-Veracruz section (Moto 9 pesos and car 18 pesos)

It should be remembered that each entity has established health security measures against COVID-19, so it is important to be informed about the capacity allowed in hotel occupancy, the restrictions and pay attention to the colors of the state and regional epidemiological traffic light.

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