Don José, by trade a bricklayer, learned law to solve the femicide of his daughter


A great example of struggle and desire for justice.

José Diego Suárez Padilla, a mason by trade, decided to quit his job in order to study law, this to obtain justice for his daughter Rosa Diana, who was stabbed to death by Gilberto Campos on December 31, 2010.

It was thanks to a local medium by which the emotional story of the man became known. His motivation was justice and his own desire to take his daughter’s femicide to jail and whom he considered to be accomplices: two public servants.

In his account, the man has detailed that his daughter had warned them about the death threat he had received, which they did not believe and did not provide protection. Unfortunately, when he returned to court, it was because Rosa Diana was already dead.

No resources for an attorney

Don José was a worker who earned what he needed every day, he could not afford a lawyer and decided to become his own defender. He studied the penal code, the civil code, the law of amparos, and dozens of books, presented more than 350 writings, and fought six appeals in court. He swore to himself that he would fight for his daughter, as long as he had to for justice to be done.

At the end of 2019, the man achieved a 67-year sentence for the murderer of his daughter, and two for abuse of authority for officials who did not give him the necessary protection when needed.

Diana’s passing

On October 4, 2019, Gilberto arrived at Diana’s house to beat her and when Don José arrived they went to file the complaint. The young woman said at that moment: ” I am afraid that he will kill me .” They answered that boyfriend fights are not a crime, they only accused Gilberto of breaking and entering, they never arrested him.

On December 31, 2010, when Diana was about to turn 22, she was killed by Gilberto with 16 stab wounds.

“I no longer have my daughter, but if she gave her life, may that life be worth it. I say to the families: don’t give up, fight to the maximum, ”said Don José.

In Mexico, on average 10 women are murdered a day.


Mexico Daily Post