Guadalajara Mariachis go after drunken client (video)


Mariachis from  Guadalajara, Jalisco, and clients fight after apparently, a drunken motorist insulted the musicians.

On social networks circulating a video that seen the altercation in the  Plaza del Mariachi, located at the junction of Obregon and Calzada Independencia.

According to the media, the events occurred after the driver did not agree with the price requested for the group’s services.

The mariachis responded to the verbal attacks and soon after the hitting and kicking began.

In the recording, you can see the jostling between the musicians and the crew of a white car, one of them even throws an instrument at them.

Soon after, the driver throws the vehicle into reverse for them, but the musicians manage to get out of the way

A woman rushes against one of the mariachis, but manages to take it from him and falls to the ground; however, another man arrives and assaults the same musician.

Both parties separate, but the provocations continue meters ahead.

According to the media, there is a Municipal Police module near the site, but the police men are not seen to intervene in the brawl.

The moral of the story is if you cannot afford a mariachi it’s not wise to insult them.

The Guadalajara Post