Pozole Ramen, the new culinary Mexico-Japanese fusion


Chef Shinichiro Nagata created this dish to generate more interest in ramen among Mexicans

This new dish is available at the Yamasan Ramen House restaurant, located in the Condesa, and is the combination of two vast gastronomic cultures. On the one hand, we have the ramen of Japanese food, which in our country has become a trend that has been gradually adopted by the palate since the arrival of the first Japanese restaurants in the 1980s. And on the other hand, we have a favorite of the national cuisine the pozole, a dish that has existed since pre-Hispanic times.


We spoke to the Yamasan Ramen House restaurant and they told us how this novel idea of Pozole Ramen came about 

The dish is a creation inspired by chef  Shinichiro Nagata, who “tries to get people from here, from Mexico, to know more about ramen. So he decided to join both dishes ”, Yani Fernández told us.

The dish that can be tasted in the Japanese restaurant has two presentations: small and large, whose prices are 110 and 170 pesos, respectively. You can also taste this interesting daily combination starting today and until after the Mexican national dates of next September.


The Pozole Ramen brings the flavors of adobo with guajillo chili; Although it does not include corn, it does have the flavor; While the ramen provides the pasta and the meat, it is also served with garnishes with radish, lettuce, minced chili, and lemon. If you also want to try this mixture of flavor and culture, Yamasan Ramen House awaits you at Avenida Tamaulipas 103, Hipódromo Condesa, 06140 Cuahutémoc Delegation.

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