Two Ferrari’s stolen from Mexico museum: VIDEO


The scale vehicles, made in Italy during the 1980s, are valued at two thousand dollars each and are part of the collection of the Toy Museum

A thief was caught inside the Ancient Toy Museum in Mexico City. Security cameras recorded the moment the man selects two cars from the collection.

The video of the theft that occurred on August 4, while the museum was closed due to the covid-19 pandemic, was broadcast on social networks.

The images show that the man entered the facility to steal two collector cars valued at $ 2,000 each. These are scale Ferrari cars made in Italy during the 80s, 40 to 50 centimeters each.

Roberto Shimizu Jr. regretted that a week after the complaint was lifted, there have been no detainees or any progress in the investigation.

The criminal arrived at the museum around 12 at night, steals a bicycle and tools, and leaves. An hour and a half later he returned to steal the two collectibles, “he explained.

Among the evidence provided by the Museum, there are videos in which the face of the person who stole the objects can be seen.


The Mexico City Post