New $20 peso twelve-sided coin begins to circulate in some states


In various states of the country, they reported that the new 20-peso coin, with twelve sides, has already begun to circulate, which the Bank of Mexico (Banxico) presented in late April to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the founding of the city and port of Veracruz. This is legal tender and can be used for the payment of any transaction.

In response to reports, the central bank detailed to MILENIO that the currency has been in circulation since April 22, particularly in entities in southeastern Mexico.

The new coin stands out for having a smaller diameter, being lighter and having a twelve-dimensional design, instead of a circular one. Its central part is made of a silver-plated nickel-silver alloy and its perimeter ring is a bronze-aluminum alloy.© Provided by Milenio

The reverse of the coin shows a composition that refers to the founding of Villa Rica de la Vera Cruz in April 1519. Towards the left side, there is a sixteenth-century boat and the profile of the Old City Hall, now the Municipal Palace.

Above the building, as a novelty, is a new security element, the latent image, made up of numeral twenty. On the left, above the boat and near the edge of the nucleus, you can see the micro text “500 VERACRUZ” and below the mint of the Casa de Moneda de México

In the contour, the legend “500 YEARS OF THE FOUNDATION OF THE CITY AND PUERTO DE VERACRUZ” shines. Finally, encompassing the perimeter ring and part of the core, the denomination “$ 20” is shown, and the years “1519-2019” are on the left

© Provided by Milenio


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