( JUSTO ) the food delivery app will arrive in August to compete against Uber Eats and Rappi in Mexico


n Mexico there are different applications for ordering and delivering food, but it is a reality that only very few are able to stand out today. Now it is the turn of Justo, a Chilean startup that was born in 2018 and decided to make the leap to Mexico, as part of its expansion.

The company hopes that the application can operate from August, currently, they already have a work team in Mexico City. In an interview with Forbes, its creators mention that the goal is to have at least 100 restaurants on its platform.

They want business to be the priority, not the app

Right now it has a database of more than 2,500 restaurants and shops in Chile, where the company offers the possibility of creating a website of the place with its own domain, in addition to having its team of delivery people to carry out deliveries.

Similar to the other applications, it is also possible to place orders that can be withdrawn directly at the establishment or paid for home delivery.

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Rodrigo Segal and Nicolás López, creators of Justo mentioned in the interview that they started the project when someone asked them to create a platform after learning about the 20 to 30% commissions charged by other applications.

They point out that their goal is to get behind the business, supporting them with the creation of their own platform. They highlight that the percentage that they charge from commissions is much lower since they are between 7 and 12%.

We will be attentive to the launch of the app.

Source: xataka.com.mx, getjusto.com, forbes.com.mx

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