Telcel launches the 199 peso plan which includes unlimited calls, social networks, 2GB of data and roaming in the US and Canada


After that second boom that we are experiencing in Mexico of Virtual Mobile Operators (OMV), it was to be expected that at some point the “big” operators would come out to compete to try to defend their ground. And this is the case of Telcel with its “new” Plan 199.

More than new, it is an adjustment to its existing plan of 229 pesos, which now drops in price to 199 pesos a month and temporary promotions are added to promote its relaunch. With this, there remains a somewhat attractive offer whose objective is to launch against the current affordable offers of OMVs.


Telcel does not intend to give up ground

Among the highlights of this Telcel Plan 199, we find key points that the user is looking for right now: unlimited social networks, gigabytes for mobile data consumption, roaming to the United States and Canada, and of course unlimited calls and text messages.

MONTHLY RENT199 pesos.
MINUTES INCLUDEDUnlimited to Mexico, the United States and Canada.
SMS INCLUDEDUnlimited to Mexico, the United States and Canada.
WHATSAPPUnlimited in Mexico, the United States and Canada.
OTHERSIncludes a smartphone to choose without cost and free Claro Video during the term of the contract.
FORCED TERM12, 18 and 24 months in CDMX, Estado de México, Morelos and Hidalgo (Region 9); and 18 and 24 months in the rest of the Mexican Republic (Regions 1 to 8).

It should be noted that the Telcel terms and conditions indicate that there is a Fair Use Policy (PUJ) in unlimited social networks, but it is not specified how many megabytes or under what conditions, so you will have to consult this section in detail.

Within unlimited social networks, Facebook, Messenger, and Twitter do not consume plan data only when used in Mexico, contrary to WhatsApp, which can be used to a limited extent both in Mexico and in the United States and Canada.

In addition to this, the plan includes 1GB of data to surf the Internet, but for “promotion” Telcel adds double during the term of the contract. That is, we will have 2 GB at our disposal. And finally, we have the topic of text messages and calls, which are also unlimited to or from Mexico, the United States, and Canada.

Telcel Plan 199 can be contracted anywhere in the Republic and requires at least a mandatory 12-month contracting term to access a large part of the benefits. And it is also possible to contract in free mode, but you will not get the 2 GB of data or the smartphone to choose.

As we see, it is not the best offer on the market, however, it is Telcel, and knowing its scope and insurance coverage will be a good option for those who remain faithful to the company.

Telcel 199 Plan Mexico Details


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