Izzi Movil: the new cell provider in Mexico offers “unlimited” data, internet, and calls for 250 pesos a month


Televisa goes against Telcel and, like Megacable, starts in the quadruple play market to offer telephony service in Mexico

Izzi Móvil is the new virtual mobile operator (OMV) in Mexico, owned by Televisa, and which boasts of offering completely unlimited calling, SMS, and internet service for just 250 pesos a month. However, as always, it is important to read the fine print.

International services

Izzi Móvil offers a unique plan in Mexico, in the postpaid modality and exclusively for clients of some of its other services . That is, at the moment it is not possible to contract mobile izzi for people who are not users of any other izzi service. The OMV makes use of the Altan network, but at the moment its service is limited to some cities:

Izzi Movil Red Coverage Altan Mexico

Regarding the commercial offer of Izzi Móvil, its only plan of 250 pesos per month offers:

  • Unlimited calls to landlines and cell phones in more than 90 countries around the world
  • Unlimited SMS to Mexico, the United States, and Canada
  • Unlimited Internet, with the possibility of browsing in the United States and Canada

However, the izzi Móvil terms and conditions make it clear that there is a policy of fair use of the Internet at 25 GB at maximum speed, once this consumption is reached, browsing will continue, but at 512 kbps speed.

On the other hand, international roaming seems to be one of the main characteristics of mobile Izzi. Unlimited calls include America, Europe and a long list of countries, with exceptions, while navigation in North America is included in the package, but for other regions, it is necessary to contract additional packages:

Izzi Movil International Roaming Data Packages

According to the question and answer site, Izzi Móvil is contracted from its website, from where you can also check the compatibility of equipment with the Altan network. The Izzi Móvil service does not have a mandatory term and the payment is carried out automatically upon the Izzi receipt that is generated by the other contracted services.

And this is how Izzi enters the competition from the hand of Altan, who in fact gives life to several other options in the Mexican market.

Source: xataka.com.mx

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