Today is the first day that compulsory social isolation is applied throughout the state of Jalisco, by instructions of the entity’s governor, Enrique Alfaro. This measure includes the tourist strip in Puerto Vallarta.

Municipal police officers, who will be in charge of enforcing this measure, already patrol the streets of the city with more attention. They will have powers to approach people on the street and ask them what they are doing outside their homes.

Who cannot answer these questions, and justify being outside their home, be given a warning fine or up to 36 hours of arrest if he refuses to obey.

For those who have to go out and do a job – with the luck of still having a job – in a company or business of “essential” business, they must always use a face mask. Failure to do so will also merit the attention of the uniformed personnel.

Otherwise, everything remains the same: beaches, boardwalk, squares, and parks, as well as sports units, are not available for citizens to visit.

However, unlike days gone by, now yes, who still in the midst of the health contingency insists on playing a soccer game, exercising outdoors, walking their pet or simply going for a walk, will be intervened by the Municipal Police.

It is only allowed to go outside to buy food in grocery stores or supermarkets. But people with obesity, diabetes, hypertension and those over 60 years of age, much more vulnerable to the COVID-19 attack, will not be able to do so.

Also, non-core money order businesses that insist on staying open could face huge fines and be closed.

The aforementioned measures are effective as of May 17, but depending on the situation of the pandemic for that day, they will be lifted or extended.

Source: vallartaopinaenlinea.com

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