Mexico convenes doctors aged 60-65 to work in non-COVID hospitals


The federal government plans to recruit up to 20,000 retired doctors and nurses, offering them one month of employment and a bonus of 30% of their salary.

The Mexican government launched a call to recruit up to 20,000 doctors and nurses between the ages of 60 and 65 to join the public health system for a month, but they would not do so in COVID hospitals, but in other clinics to provide medical care for other types of conditions.

In his press conference this Friday, the federal president called on doctors and nurses to join the efforts in favor of health. A few months ago during his tour of 80 IMSS-Bienestar hospitals, the president had already called retired health professionals to join the new health system headed by Insabi.

“They could participate by working in their own institutions, not in COVID hospitals or where they would care for the sick, but in hospitals where other illnesses must continue to be treated and as long as they do not have a disease they know that they are not hypertensive, that they do not They have obesity, diabetes, and if they are still healthy from 60 to 65 years old, they can, if they voluntarily wish, help us, ”he explained.

To face phase three of COVID-19, in which there will be some days where up to 5,000 infections are expected every 24 hours, the federal government has recruited doctors and nurses to ensure that there is care for everyone who requires hospitalization.

According to federal government estimates, in Mexico, there are around 40,000 doctors and nurses between 60 and 65 years of age, of which an estimated 50% are healthy so that up to 20,000 could be recruited.

The call for retired doctors and nurses offers one month of employment with 30% compensation on your salary. The head of the Insabi National Medical Coordination, Alejandro Svarch Pérez, assured that those doctors and welfare nurses will be protected.

“These personnel will be duly protected because their work will be carried out in a non-COVID hospital. We do this to reinforce areas of the non-COVID hospitals where the personnel from these areas have joined the care of patients by COVID. In this way we will fulfill the objective of guaranteeing that all patients affected by COVID have multidisciplinary, effective and team care without neglecting patients who continue to come to hospitals for other types of illnesses, “he explained.

161 countries support Mexico’s proposal

The representative of Mexico to the UN, Juan Ramón de la Fuente, reported that 161 countries support and co-sponsor the proposal made by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador for the World Health Organization to regulate the purchase and sale of equipment, supplies, and vaccines against COVID-19 to avoid hoarding and speculation.

“Given the great acceptance that the Mexican proposal has had, now I am, by no means triumphant, but I do see the horizon close, I think that the proposal that you proposed a few weeks ago in the G-20 is with all the possibilities for As of Monday, it will be formally adopted as a resolution in the General Assembly, ”the former UNAM rector reported via video call.

The proposal that Mexico made and which already has the endorsement of two-thirds of the members of the UN, proposes to guarantee equitable access to equipment, supplies and, when they exist, vaccines against coronavirus. The President of the Republic commented that the Mexican proposal seeks to save lives.

“This proposal is very important because it will prevent the hoarding of equipment, medicines, and vaccines when they have to face this virus and that all countries, regardless of their economic situation, have access to these medicines, equipment, and can serve their people and lives can be saved. We are very pleased that Mexico is taking this proposal ”, he stressed.


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