51 hotels closed in Cancun only 10% occupancy in Rivera Maya due to COVID-19


A total of 51 hotels have closed their doors in Cancun, Puerto Morelos, and Isla Mujeres according to information from the Hotel Association, as a consequence of the epidemiological crisis of COVID-19

As a balance of the closings 18,262 rooms are closed in an unprecedented event in the number one tourist destination in Mexico.

Despite travel restrictions, almost everywhere in the world, there are still 6,500 visitors enjoying splendid beaches and spectacular weather.

In the statement, the Hotel Association of Cancun, Puerto Morelos, and Isla Mujeres also clarifies that the hotels that are in operation are carrying out all prevention and hygiene measures in a systematic way, applying the corresponding protocols for the protection of visitors. and collaborators, are also attentive to the official information of the respective dependencies.

Playa del Carmen looks like a ghost town

With less than 10% occupancy in the most recent CPTQ report, the Riviera Maya gives the image of a “ghost town”, very few tourists are staying in the impressive hotel infrastructure, with almost 50 thousand rooms, of this A destination in the Mexican Caribbean, COVID-19 has not spared any tourist destination in the world.

Most of the hotels have closed, employing only the essential personnel to maintain the facilities, waiting for the day they come back to life, that the Heart of the Riviera Maya, which is Playa del Carmen, will once again accommodate thousands of visitors. that they cross its glamorous Fifth Avenue, that the shopping malls shine the enthusiasm of the opportune purchase and of the entertainment, that the restaurants satisfy the most demanding palate, and that the party takes by storm the bars and clubs. The beaches occupied by visitors who enjoy paradise are also missed, which today has interrupted its always vivid throbbing.

The sandbanks look splendid, the blue sky bears witness to the turquoise of the sea and the empty lounge chairs, the pools with still water, the wave runners on the sand, the watchful birds and the whispering of the wind.

The pandemic has forced us to stay at home, being disciplined today will help us to overcome this downturn in the best way, the community of Quintana Roo has risen from many, this perhaps the strongest and most durable, however, all will be alert for the time to return, to make tourists return and the hotels and beaches are once again full.

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