Mexican Scientist Develops Formula That Can Help Stop Spread Of Coronavirus


Hand sanitizer and Vicks aren’t going to cut it

Biochemical engineer Gabriela León has created an antiseptic formula that annihilates viruses by destroying their genetic material. 

Gabriela León Gutiérrez, a Mexican biochemical engineer, has developed a full-spectrum nano-biomolecule that can stop the coronavirus in its tracks, literally.

Nbelyax, the nanoparticle-based disinfection and sterilization product she developed, is capable of “annihilating all types of viruses, bacteria, fungi, germs and spores,” by not just breaking down the cell, but destroying the genetic material itself. 

Most antiseptic agents, like hand sanitizer, don’t immediately destroy the cell, which can create microbial resistance, i.e. the virus or bacteria can become resistant to its effects. Gabriela’s formula is different.

Gabriela developed her ground-breaking nano-biotech after recognizing how many thousands of deaths could be prevented by developing cleaning and personal hygiene products that kill pathogens completely, rendering them inactive and unable to develop resistance.

So Gabriela teamed up with her brother, Sergio, an industrial engineer, to found their own company, Gresmex, to develop the killer nano-biomolecule. 

The team’s powerful nanoparticle, Nbelyax, is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and has already proven itself against Ebola, helping stop deadly outbreaks in parts of Africa.

Now, countries around the world are requesting shipments to help contain the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

Gabriela and Sergio’s company, Gresmex, now one of Mexico’s leading nanotech firms, was named “one of the 100 firms that will save humanity” by the UN. They are currently working to develop a product that stops the spread of HIV.

Real-life superheroes, saving lives, saving the world.

You can learn more about the Nbelyax HERE.


The Mazatlan Post