Biden and Sanders differ in vision on trade with Mexico


Experts indicate that the former US vice president is unlikely to seek to renegotiate the USMCA with Mexico; however, the Vermont native is against globalization.

Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden , the main candidates for the Democratic presidential candidacy of the United States, have different points of view regarding their foreign trade position with Mexico.

During 2019, Mexico was the main trading partner of the US, by displacing China and Canada, so the positions between the two countries will be key for this relationship to continue strengthening, experts said.

Kenneth Smith, a former NAFTA negotiator, pointed out that trade-related issues are not usually very popular with the Democratic electorate since they are very careful in their positions to avoid generating enmity with unions or voters with low levels of education.

For the foreign trade specialist, the most moderate candidate would be Joe Biden, because as vice president during the Barack Obama administration, he always supported the negotiation process of the Trans-Pacific Agreement, in which he emphasized the issue of fair trade.

Resultado de imagen de bernie sanders against globalization

“At this time that is the discursive line that must be managed to obtain the support of the Democratic bases, he would be more moderate with respect to (Bernie) Sanders, so it would be unlikely that he will seek a renegotiation of the USMCA with Mexico, and it would focus more on the Mexican authorities complying with the provisions of the agreement, ”he said.

On the other side of the scale is the Vermont native, Bernie Sanders, who has not supported the US trade agreements, in addition to having an ideology against globalization and in favor of the environment.

“He will continue with the same tone against the agreement, it would be difficult to visualize what he would do since it is one thing to be an opposition and another thing is to be president, but if he is the most radical of the candidates; He has proposed to renegotiate the treaties and would have the same dilemma that Trump once had, which is to eliminate the ‘golden egg hen’ from the US economy that represents the USMCA, is very risky, especially if he wins ”, And stressed that Sanders’ challenge will be to convince the private sector that the economy can grow with a leftist policy.


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