Back Street Boys confess to be in love with Mexico


Mexico fans are special for Backstreet Boys. They themselves presumed it during the first of three shows they offered tonight at the Palacio de los Deportes. And with the same love they were received by the 15 thousand 421 attendees who accompanied them in the first shows they offer in 2020 as part of their DNA World Tour.

Back Street Boys concert in CDMX (Twitter)

Brian, Howie, Nick, Kevin and AJ appeared at 9:30 p.m. on stage, an hour late. The delay seemed not to matter, as fans, men and women, jumped out of their seats as spring when a video that ran the name of the nine albums they have released since 1996 appeared on the central screen.

A curtain of white smoke covered the five members and as it dispersed, the screams grew. I Wanna Be With You was the first theme of the night, where the group showed their colorful choreographies. “Hi, how are you?” They said to welcome.

“Thank you for your support, if it wasn’t for each of you, the Backstreet Boys wouldn’t exist. Thank you very much, ”Brian said before continuing the night with New Love and Get Down.

Divided into four acts, the show featured 27 songs that covered its 24-year history, in which they have been nominated eight Miracle for the Grammy Award. The Call, More than That, Chances, Shape of my Heart, I’ll Never Break Your Heart and We’ve Got It Goin ‘On were the most chanted.

“You have always been a support. They have been in the ups and downs, in stadiums, in small enclosures and now in this place. Thank you for all your support, ”said Kevin Richardson.

At the end of their performance, the group said goodbye to their audience and thanked again for the effusive reception they had in Mexico.

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